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So, what's an abusive review?

2007-09-24 19:29:33 by DnaDraxxus

Yea I bet you were wondering that.

Table of contents
I) Simplified review guidelines
II) FAQ's about each rule.
III) FAQ's regarding non-written or multiple rules.
IV) Guide to get Deity whistle.
V) Ambiguous abusive review examples.


I) Simplified Review Guidelines.
-The entire review guidelines can be found here in the section called "reviewing submissions" under the flash portal section.

1) A)ONLY discuss the submission or things related.
__B) DO NOT insult the author or call them names.

2) A)Do not post numerous short reviews.
__B) If your review is negative, give advice for future submissions.

3) A)Do not try an promote anything.
__B) No unrelated links.

4) A)Don't repeat characters or words unnecessarily.
__B) NO text images [besides small smiles :-D].

5) Don't express your feeling that a movie should be blammed. Don't say blam at all in any negative way.

6) Don't respond to others reviews.

7) Don't indicate belief that a submission is stolen in any way shape or form.

8) Don't contest any awards or recognition [Ex. front page] given to the submission.


II) FAQ's about each rule
- The top faq's will be about rule # 1 and the bottom about rule #8

Q. A review offers insightful and helpful but calls the author an "unimaginative retard" Is it abusive?
A. Yes, any name calling with the intention to insult is abusive no matter how helpful the review may be.

Q. Can I post a chain mail because if I don't I'll die?
A. No you won't die. You will however get a Permanent ban because of the recent problem with them.

Q. I posted a few short reviews will i get banned?
A. Depends, you really should have more large reviews then short ones. A sufficient review size would be at LEAST two thoughts. "Really cool" wouldn't do. "Really cool I though the movie was very funny" would be on the fence. All in all if a mod feels you are posting crappy short reviews just to up your review count then you will have them all deleted and you will find yourself banned. Rule of thumb, if you are unsure if your review is long enough then you probably need to add one more sentence.

Q. I didn't insult the author personally; I insulted the flash why was my review deleted?
A. If you give a negative score you MUST give SPECIFIC advice for future submissions. "Its too short make it longer" is usually not sufficient. "Its too short, you may want to consider making a flash that is at least a minute long rather then 10 seconds, expand on your idea to do this." should be ok.

Q. I am not sure if my link is related or not should i include it?
A. No 9/10 times a review mod (RM) will feel it is unrelated and delete you review and possibly ban you.

Q. This game is good but the one on my website is better, can I tell everyone.
A. Of course! But don't think about doing it in a review. The [BBS] or in a news post in [your user page] is the best place to do this. Also a good flash movie is a good way to get further recognition.

Q. My review was "WOOOOW AWSOMMEEEEE, i loved the movie it was really entertaining". AM I breaking the rule 4A?
A. Yes, HOWEVER, most of the time if your review is positive and you are being kind to the author then the RM will leve it alone. They like if you are praising the artist and usually don't mind a minor violation.

Q. What if I post just a little middle finger with text?
A. You should get a ban for just thinking about it. Any images you make with the text besides smiles and the like are a violation of the rules and you will most likely get the review deleted and a ban.

Q. But the movie should be blammed why not tell everyone?
A. You will get your review deleted. Blam the movie yourself, if it falls below the quality threshold you will get a blam point. Literally unless you are saying "this should not be blammed" DON'T use the word blam or any of its variants in your review at all.

Q. I gave a helpful review but said free blam point why is the review deleted?
A. Because you are directly breaking rule # 5. Saying that insinuates that you don't believe the movie is good enough to pass. If it's not good enough to pass then by reasoning you think it should be blammed.

Q. Can I agree with other reviewers that a movie sucks?
A. Yes as long as you follow the rules and give constructive criticism to help the author. If you don't agree with another reviewer KEEP IT TO YOURESLF.

Q. Other reviewers disliked the movie. I said "I disagree with the other reviews, I liked the movie. You had good graphics...." Is that abusive?
A. YES! Read above. However if a RM sees you are sticking up for the author and genuinely reviewing the movie they will most likely leave you alone.

Q. This is stolen why can't I tell anyone?
A. YOU CAN! Just not in a review. If under judgment blow your whistle and give the appropriate description for why it should be removed. Look here for guidelines in the section called "whistle status". If not under judgment then PM wade, include as much information as possible.

Q. What do I do if I disagree with a submissions acknowledgments [Ex. front page].
A. Cry? No just vote accordingly and express your view (kindly) anywhere but in the review area.


III) FAQ's regarding non-written or multiple rules.
-Random questions I have been asked.

Q. The review is in another language is it abusive.
A. Well the review has to be useful to the author and if the author cant read the review then its of no use and will be deleted. If it is well known that the author speaks that language (because the video is in that language) then it will most likely be left alone.

Q. The review is in binary and is a violation of rule 4A, how come it's not deleted?
A. If ANY review appears to be random babbling it could be relative to the entry, watch it. If you are reading a review for a binary converter in binary then the RM's will leave it alone. If it's a good score and is repeating ones favorite line in the movie then it most likely will not be deleted.

Q. An authors response to a good review is violent and offensive is there any thng i can do?
A. No. It has been Newgrounds tradition that the authors get the last word as it is them who make this site what it is [in part].

Q.-IMPORTANT- If some one is extremely judgmental about the submission is it abusive?
A. It's up to the RM. If the reviewer just breaks down every little detail of the submission providing a reason why everything is wrong and how to fix it all then it may remain.


IV) Guide to get a deity whistle.
-Follow these steps.

1. BE PATIENT!! If you aren't do not even go to rule # 2.
2. Flag only what you know is abusive. If it's not and you flag it you will get negative whistle points which will push you further away from your goal.
3. Utilize this thread. It contains people just like you posting reviews to be flagged and eventually deleted. Just because a review is posted there DOES NOT mean that it is abusive. Go to the said abusive review and use your own judgment based on the information I have provided.
4. Contribute. Find other abusive reviews and post them in the thread. If there are few reviews in the movie then abusive ones will be easy to spot. If not then use the sort button, (found in the top and bottom right of the review page) go to the last page (with the lowest scores) and proceed from there.
5. Flag abusive submissions under judgment. Read the guidelines [here] in the section called "whistle status". If not under judgment then email Wade Fulp here-->Wade@newgrounds.com. Include as much information as possible. BE CAREFUL, submissions of this type are hard to come by, read the info in the NG FAQ carefully. I have only come across around 8 in my entire four months on this site.
6. Contribute more. The more you work the faster your level will increase. Find abuse and post it. Why post it? Because it will not get deleted unless brought to a RM's attention. How is this done? The review must have allot of flags, it will get allot if you post it in the thread for abusive reviews.


V) Ambiguous abusive review examples. [Reviews on the fence of being abusive or not]

Example: Score: [0/10] This submission is shit, your graphics are very juvenile and plain, you need more detail in the clothing and in the faces. The sound blows, it sounds like I am listening from under a pillow, get closer to the mic when recording audio. Also your animation sucks ass, your teens could be smoother, increase your frame rate or decrease amount of frames between key frames.
Analysis: Although the review is extremely harsh it does not break and rules. It DOES NOT criticize the author it DOES criticize their work which is allowed. It's up to the RM to determine.

Example: Score: [2/10] Eh didn't really like the style or idea. But good animation.
Analysis: Is it helpful? Different points of view can make answers range from yes very useful to no not at all. The review gives incite to what style this reviewer likes/disliked and also points out what the reviewer feels the animator is doing right. In my opinion it is not abusive but is close.

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Who to contact for further assistance
Pm me.
Pm Wade Fulp [Administrator]
Pm ramagi [moderator]
Pm kidray76 [moderator]
Pm BlueHippo [moderator]
Pm life [moderator]

Corrections/suggestions made by:

If you have any questions that I have not answered here, something I need to add or something I need to clear up then feel free to notify me in a response or a pm. Also feel free to contribute your ambiguous review I will include it here. Thanks.

So, what's an abusive review?