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Entry #1

Website launch!

2007-07-23 20:16:08 by DnaDraxxus

Ok so i am learning HTML and i needed some practice coding a site, so i made a myspace.

I do require some constructive criticism so any and all would be appreciated. If you have any pictures, videos or links you would like to see on the site send me a message. Include the item and where it originates. [If its a link include how you found it]. If its good enough I'll include it!

Here is the link. Hope you like it.


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2007-07-25 20:38:22

Meh, 'salright.

DnaDraxxus responds:

Thanks. Its still in Beta i'll be done with it hopefully by next Monday as well as add more pictures and videos.



2007-08-31 17:19:09

You didn't launch your first site, you made yourself a myspace PAGE. But it's pretty good.

DnaDraxxus responds:

Thanks. I figure a myspace is a good place to start its governed by most of the principals i need to know for making a dot com (in terms of html and coding).


2007-09-14 19:35:14

who is your daddy and what does he do?

DnaDraxxus responds:

Our mom says our dad's a real sex machine.


2007-09-15 00:48:21

Take us out of orbit, Mr. Crusher.

DnaDraxxus responds:

Some one set up us the bomb.


2007-09-15 02:29:20

It's a myspace, not a website.

Try actually making a site rather than doing this kiddy stuff.

(Updated ) DnaDraxxus responds:

Last time i checked myspace was a website, oh wait it is. Thanks for the criticism, its about as mature as i would expect from a 17 year old emo with more metal in his face then in my engine compartment.


2007-09-24 22:56:57

Nice FAQ for people interested in flagging the appropriate abusive reviews. Nice job :)

DnaDraxxus responds:

Thanks! Thats my other news post tho ; ).